Korda Dark Matter Lead Clip Action Pack - Weed

Korda Dark Matter Lead Clip Action Pack - Weed

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The Korda ‘action packs’ are designed to give you all the components that you need for a particular set-up, all in one pack. The Dark Matter Lead Clip Action Pack allows you to create five complete lead clip set-ups, including tubing, with the option to fish them either running, or semi-fixed if you insert the retaining pin into the lead clip to fix the swivel inside it. The brand new lead clips featured in this pack come with two holes – the top one is used for securing any size 8 swivel in place; whilst the lower one is compatible with a Kwik Link. This safe, anti-tangle system allows the lead to discharge should it become snagged whilst playing a fish.

The pack includes: 5 x Lead Clips; 5 x Tail Rubbers; 5 x size 8 Ring Swivels; 10 x retaining pins; 2m of Dark Matter Anti Tangle Tubing.

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