Korda Long Chuck Mono Clear - 20lb/0,40mm - 1000m

Korda Long Chuck Mono Clear - 20lb/0,40mm - 1000m

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The Long Chuck main line has been designed specifically for fishing at long range and will add extra yards to your cast compared to a standard mono. It is ultra-low stretch to enable quicker compression of the rod blank, and alongside the fact that it has very low water absorption, it also helps when trying to feel the lead down at range or in a cross wind. That low water absorption also helps ensure that the line stays lightweight and stays in the air for longer, thus helping to lower the drag on the lead during flight, but the biggest factor in achieving that is the fact that the line is clear – adding a dye to a mono line increases the weight, as well as altering the molecular structure and creating more stretch, all of which means that coloured lines won’t cast as far.

Long Chuck also features a high breaking strain to diameter ratio, which significantly reduces both the drag and the weight of the line, compared to an equivalent breaking strain.

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